…after the break for the fishing season. Now I’ve renewed my (expensive) membership of the No-salmon Club (anyone with more money than sense can join) I’m restarting this blog. The first post, my Saturday column in the FT, will follow this one. In future, you’ll be able to read it here on Mondays, suitably updated as necessary. Other posts will appear during the week, depending on how irritating I find the breaking news.

For new readers, and at the risk of irritating both previous ones instead, here’s a reprint (reblog?) of last year’s first post, a sort of statement of philosophy.

“As if you haven’t got enough, I’m starting this blog to give you more. I hope it will become that modern irritant, the “I’ve got to read it because everyone else has” column. You are probably one of a tiny number of readers who have stumbled on this by accident. Sorry about that, but everyone has to start somewhere.
I was City Editor of the Daily Telegraph for 19 years until 2005, and have been a columnist and non-executive director since then. I’ve now added part-time fund manager of my SIPP portfolio to the list of pastimes, but it’s not enough now the fishing season is ending. Hence this blog.
I started in the City 43 years ago, on the day that the FT30 index (no FTSE100 then) made its all-time, inflation-adjusted peak, so you can see the impact I’ve made. Ignore me at your peril, and please bombard as many people as possible with this site address. I promise that the copy will get more interesting.
Neil Collins